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Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Reserving, Purchasing, Testing and Transporting Goats

Reserving and Purchasing Goats

Whether you are reserving a kid from the kidding schedule or purchasing a goat from the sales page, all Terms of Sale apply.

Occasionally, I have the right to adjust the price of my kids (higher or lower than published price) after they are born. When purchasing kids, remember that it can be stressful for the baby to leave the farm and their mothers. Babies can experience diarrhea, runny noses or a cough. They need support from you during this stress full time. Please have some medicine on hand in case your baby needs some intervention.

I am here to help you if you have any questions or concerns, I love all my goats and they are important to me.  

I require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. This deposit will hold your goat until you have made transportation arrangements and the goat has been transferred, which must happen within 30 days of the purchase. Full payment is required if I need to hold on to your goat for longer than 30 days. Additionally, boarding charges of $3.00 a day may apply should the agreed-upon pick-up date be further than 30 days out. Any and all money paid is non-refundable, even if you change your mind about the purchase. If you back out for any reason, our deal is complete. All monies owed are due in full before you may transport an animal from my farm.

Some goats are ready to leave the farm before others. I will not let a goat go until I believe he or she is ready to handle the stress of transport. 

If we need to cancel the sale on my end for any reason, I will contact you before doing so. I will issue you a full refund of all monies paid.  Alternatively, I can apply the money toward another goat of your choice. This offer is based on availability.

Health Certificates are required. I will provide them at your cost of $50.00, to be paid in advance.  This cost is NOT included the purchase price of the goat.


My herd is tested yearly for CAE and Johne’s disease and all results are negative. If your state requires certain health tests, my vet will perform them for you at your cost. Please contact me as soon as possible if your state requires additional testing. I will furnish you with a cost estimate as quickly as possible, but remember I can only furnish an estimate; actual costs may be higher or lower. Payment is due in full before any health certificate is issued or testing is done. If vet costs are lower than the estimate you paid, I will issue a refund or deduct your refund from your final payment. 

If testing is NOT required for transport, it will NOT be done!


Like humans, goats can find the transportation experience frightening and stressful. Your careful, advanced planning of transport is required to ensure a smooth process. You can arrange air travel at your own expense. You will be responsible for the cost of airfare, pet carrier and my mileage to and from the airport @ $0.35 per mile. If my time allows, I will be happy to assist you with the arrangements but ultimately transportation is up to you. Before you make final arrangements with an airport, please contact me with date and time options so that I can be certain I will be available to take your animal to the airport.  

Many airlines have established temperature restrictions to ensure the safety of animals in cargo. To prevent exposure to extreme cold or heat, some airlines will not accept animals when the ground temperature at the departing location is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, or when the current or forecasted ground temperature at the arrival, layout or departure airport is 84 degrees or higher. 

During the months of May through September, some airlines may not permit animal transport in the cargo compartment because the heat from the tarmac can heat up the cargo area quickly. Some aircraft do not have air-conditioned cargo compartments, so please check with your airline. The majority of the safety risk occurs on the ground, not in the air. 

Consider early flights before ground temperatures heat up, or night flights when ground temperatures may cool down. 

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your goat during transport. Once a goat leaves my  hands, my liability is terminated.



I have chosen to follow the American Dairy Goat Association 

XIX Recommended Trade Practices for Members

  1. In the absence of a written agreement between the buyer and seller, it will be considered that any goat offered for sale is registered, recorded, or eligible for registration or recordation. The registration or recordation papers will be furnished by the seller and transferred to the buyer at the expense of the buyer as soon as possible after the date of sale. 
  2. The seller guarantees the fertility of the buck. A buck, after reaching 1 year of age, should be able to serve and settle a doe. The buyer is expected to provide reasonable care and feed. Should the buck prove to be a non-breeder, the buyer shall notify the seller within 60 days from the first time he was used for service; the buyer shall provide sufficient proof, such as a statement from a veterinarian that said the buck is sterile. The seller shall have the option of making a satisfactory exchange or refunding the money. In no case shall the seller be responsible for more than the selling price. The purchaser shall pay any shipping charges involved with the exchange. 
  3. When a doe is brought to a buck for breeding and has not settled after the first breeding, the owner of the doe is entitled to one rebreeding during the same breeding season at no additional charge.
  4. If the animal sold is a doe, there is no guarantee of fertility except where hermaphroditism becomes apparent when the animal reaches breeding age. 
  5. A doe sold as “bred” is not guaranteed to be pregnant, but only to have normally accepted service from the buck.
  6. Complaints will not be processed by the Association unless the animal bore an individual identifying tattoo at the time of the transaction.
  7. Nothing in these trade practice rules shall be construed as abridging the right of the buyer and seller to enter into a private contract. In case of a complaint, if no written contract is presented as evidence, these trade practice rules shall govern. 

Any other guarantees are neither express nor implied. If the buyer fails to provide reasonable care and feeding, or if the animal is neglected, I cannot guarantee anything. At my discretion, I may refund your money or provide you with a replacement goat, but I will not be responsible for anything more than the original purchase price. Exchanges are at the expense of the buyer. The original registration paperwork must be returned to me at the time of refund or exchange.