Little Hoofprints Farm
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Preston-Sqeeks.JPGBenny and I founded Little HoofPrints Farm by accident in 2012. The story is kind of funny. I had a great job, but it was intense. I wanted to find something to do during my free time that would give me some balance and stress relief.

One day, while sitting in the office of my acupuncturist, I confessed my quest for release. Without hesitation, she suggested I get a few Nigerian dwarf goats. I never realized such creatures existed, and I was intrigued. When I got home, I discovered some available on Craig’s List.

Benny knew I was yearning for something… a new pet… a new hobby… whatever.  When I suggested the goats, he was less than thrilled. Regardless, one thing lead to another until we were, face to face with Peanut and Buttercup, the two sweetest little goat babies imaginable!

It was love at first sight for all of us. Our lives were forever changed.

The story would have ended there, but before we left we learned of a third baby. WHAT? Who could be satisfied with two, when you can have three?  Obviously not us, because we left with Waldo, too.  And that’s how Little Hoofprints Farm was born.

Today I have around 20 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, a private goat maternity ward and an active kidding schedule. These little darlings are my life, and I get as much satisfaction out of playing with them and watching them grow as I do showing them and placing them in their new forever homes.

I think the goats like it here, too. They get a lot of love and attention, and are all well-tempered and thriving beautifully.
Little Hoofprints Farm is located in a picturesque, secluded town called Larkspur, Colorado. We enjoy fresh air and four distinctively beautiful seasons. The goats get plenty of sunshine and shade, and lots of playtime courtesy of my energetic grandson (talk about cute)!

Really, it’s a paradise here, and my own personal dream come true.

I do like to get out, though. I look forward to packing up the herd, hitting the road and experiencing the shows with my does, bucks and kids. We’re all learning a lot!

So, that’s the story of Little HoofPrints Farm. It’s a charming place filled with love and goats. What could be better than that?

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